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I am interested in the ways in which political violence and its legacies shape and are shaped by the built environment. My PhD, completed at University College London (UCL) in 2015, was an ethnography of the relationship between urban-architectural space and recent discourses of "confronting the past" in Turkey. Since 2012, I have designed and taught my own modules at various institutions in the UK. These include UCL's History of Art department and Syracuse University (London programme) where I taught on London's architectural histories of political conflict, violence and disaster, the Bartlett School of Architecture where I co-led the first-year undergraduate module in Architectural History & Theory, the University of Hertfordshire where I ran Critical & Contextual Studies teaching across all three levels of undergraduate study in Architecture and Interior Architecture. I previously worked as a researcher in Contemporary Turkish Studies at the European Institute, LSE.

My current projects include a book tentatively titled The Violence of Commemoration: The Architecture of "Confronting the Past" in Turkey. This book discusses grassroots campaigns for transforming Turkey’s sites of political violence into memorial museums and the mainstream responses they triggered in the early 2010s. It focuses especially on the site of an arson attack, which took place in 1993 in the central-eastern city of Sivas and which pioneered these campaigns. As part of my Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship (2018-21), I will conduct a new research project that explores histories of political violence in relation to futures of planetary catastrophe in Turkey. One of the various sections of this project has received funding from the BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants scheme and focuses on a set of spatial-artistic practices, which, against the grain of the hitherto prevalent tendency of engaging with political violence through its toll on humans and their "culture," have recently set out to pursue this engagement through the more-than-human forces and scales of "nature." Alongside conducting these projects, I will contribute to the teaching of the postgraduate module "Turkey and Europe" (EU476) at the European Institute.

I have acted as a peer reviewer for The International Journal of Heritage Studies, Ethnicities, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, and Ethnopolitics. In addition to my academic work, I write a bi-monthly column for Turkey's leading architecture and design magazine XXI.

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Eray Çaylı - Curriculum Vitae


2011 - 2015: PhD - Collaboration between the Bartlett School of Architecture and UCL Anthropology - University College London. Passed without corrections and nominated for the RIBA President's Awards.

2008 - 2010 MFA - Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, Stockholm-Sweden. Granted the Dean's Award (Rektorsstipendiet) for outstanding thesis.

2003 - 2007 BSc - "Industrial Product Design," School of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul-Turkey

1996 - 2003 High School Diploma in General Science - Istanbul American Robert College, Istanbul-Turkey

Work Experience:

2018 May - 2021 May: Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science.

2016 May - 2018 May: Researcher at the London School of Economics' European Institute, working with and reporting to the Chair in Contemporary Turkish Studies.

2015 September - 2016 September: Part-time Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies at the School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire (Architecture-Interior Architecture and Design programme).

2015 January -2018 May: Adjunct Professor in Architectural History & Theory - Syracuse University School of Architecture, London programme (teaching my own module entitled "Architectures of Destruction: a Social History of London's Built Environment," with all-encompassing responsibilities as module leader).

2012 September - ongoing: Teaching fellow in Architectural History and Theory, University College London (currently working at the Bartlett School of Architecture on the BSc programme "Architecture" and the MRes programme "Architecture and Digital Theory," and previously worked at the Art History department teaching my own thematic module "London's Times of Destruction and (Re)construction," both with all-encompassing responsibilities including syllabus design, lecturing, leading seminars, and marking).

2014 Spring term: Seminar leader and mentor, "Object Lessons: Communicating Knowledge through Collections," Arts and Sciences BASc program, University College London.

2008 Fall & Ongoing: Freelance writer on design and architecture for monthly publications in Turkey.

2006: Trio Design, Istanbul - Product design & graphic design.

Professional Qualifications:

2013, September 4th. Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK (as result of professional training provided by UCL).


2020. "Field as Archive / Archive as Field," The International Journal of Islamic Architecture (introduction for special issue guest-edited by myself). Forthcoming.

2020. Architectures of Emergency in Turkey: Heritage, Displacement and Catastrophe (co-edited with Pınar Aykaç and Sevcan Ercan). London: Bloomsbury. Forthcoming.

2019. "Making Violence Public: Spatializing (Counter)publicness through the 1993 Sivas Arson Attack, Turkey," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Forthcoming.

2018. "Conspiracy Theory as Spatial Practice: The Case of The Sivas Arson Attack, Turkey," Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 36(2): 255-272.

2016. "Bear Witness: Embedded Coverage of Turkey's Urban Warfare and the Demarcation of Sovereignty against an Elastic Exterior," Theory & Event 19(1).

2016. "'Accidental' Encounters with the Ottoman Armenians in Contemporary Turkey," Études arméniennes contemporaines 6: 257-270.

2016. "Inheriting Dispossession, Mobilizing Vulnerability: Heritage amid Protest in Contemporary Turkey, The International Journal of Islamic Architecture 5(2): 359-378.

2016. "Istanbul's Artist-run Institutions: the Case of PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space," in A. Downey, ed., Future Imperfect: Cultural Institutions and Contemporary Art Practices in the Middle East. Berlin: Sternberg, pp. 394-408.

2015. "Urban Maps: Instruments of Narrative and Interpretation in the City," Journal of Urban Design 20(5): 698-699.

2015. "Diyarbakir's 'Witness-sites' and Discourses on 'the Kurdish Question' in Turkey," in Z. Gambetti and J. Jongerden, eds. The Kurdish Issue in Turkey: A Spatial Perspective. London: Routledge. In English, pp. 63-92.

2015. "Resisting Verticality, Occupying Teleology," in E. S. Akalin, A. Bunk, G. F. Harsch and E. Pick, eds. Layering DiverCity (Floating Volumes #4). Hamburg: Textem, pp. 111-118. In English. Print.

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2015. "Architectural Dissidence / Ines Weizman interviewed by Eray Çaylı," Architecture[publication]Fund / Architekturos[leidiniu]Fondas 4. In English. Print and online (

2014. "Architectural Memorialization at Turkey's 'Witness Sites': The Case of the Madimak Hotel," in A. Kaya, E.F. Keyman, O. Onursal Beşgül and K. Kamp, eds., Contemporary Turkey at a Glance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Local and Translocal Dynamics. Berlin and Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 13-24. In English. Print.

2014. "Officializing difficult pasts in Turkey's sites of atrocity," Turkish Area Studies Review, 23 (Spring), pp.47-51. In English. Print.

2013. "Taksim Square and Gezi Park Protests: Designing a Common Present, Future, and Past," Vol. II, Issue 4, pp.36-44, Centre for Policy Analysis and Research on Turkey (ResearchTurkey), London, ResearchTurkey. ( In English. Online.

2012. "Ways of Peeing: Traces of Modernity in the Public Lavatory," in Balcioglu, Tevfik and Gülsüm Baydar (ed.) Deciphering the Object (Nesneyi Okumak), Izmir: Yasar Ãœniversitesi, pp 101-112. In English. Print.

2011. "Architecture, Politics and Memory Work: Fieldnotes from the Ulucanlar Prison Museum," in G. Farnell, ed. Museums of Ideas: Commitment and Conflict, Edinburgh: MuseumsEtc, pp 368-97. In English. Print.

2010. "The Problem of Object-Orientedness In the Context of Responsible Design, and Experience Design as an Alternative Approach." In Ergönül, Sema & Selin Gündeş, A. Erdem Erbaş (eds.) Greenage 1st International Symposium Proceedings, pp. 369-79. In Turkish. Print.

2009. "Design in Times of Crisis: The 'Utility Scheme' Example from 1940's Britain." In Er, Alpay (ed.) Design or Crisis Congress Book, pp. 75-86. In Turkish. Print.

Awards and Scholarships:

2017, March. British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for project titled "A 'Natural' Reckoning."

2017, February. Architecture Research Fund (through the Bartlett School of Architecture).

2016, May. Transformative Cultures fund, the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (project co-devised with Silvio Carta and entitled "The Publicness and the Heritage of the Digital Anthropocene: Authorship, Ownership, Disposition").

2013, September. Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

2013, April. SALT Research Fund, Istanbul-Turkey.

2013, March-August. DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst - German Academic Exchange Service) fellowship at the Humboldt University's Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences.

2013, January. Graduate School Research Fund, UCL.

2012, November. Architecture Research Fund (through the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL).

2012, October. Travel Grant, 'Contemporary Turkish Studies at a Glance' International Conference, Istanbul-Turkey.

2012, May. Accommodation Grant, Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop, Istanbul-Turkey.

2011, November. Full scholarship from the Goethe-Institut and Ernst-Reuter-Initiative to participate in the workshop/thinktank entitled "In|Outside the Debate: Voices From Academia in the Turkish|German Nexus" in Brandenburg, Germany.

2011, October. Architecture Research Fund (through the Bartlett School of Architecture).

2011, June. The Bartlett Travel Award.

2010, April. Den Nordiska Första S:t Johannislogen scholarship via Konstfack Rektorsstipendiet, awarded for master's thesis work.

2010, March. The Ulla Fröberg-Cramér Foundation scholarship, in support of master's thesis research.

2009, June. Full Scholarship to attend "Contemporary Past: New Art Forms in Memorial Building" summer project at Vilnius Academy of Arts, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2009, January. Full Scholarship to attend 'The Future of Urban Living' Think-tank at National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India.

2007, August. Project Proposal named 'Frie.dome' awarded 'Public's Choice' in International 'Frisian Land Competition' in Friesland, The Netherlands.

2007, February. Full Scholarship to attend the Erasmus Intensive Programme: 'A multi-disciplinary Approach to Product Innovation' in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Roles as Invited Speaker in or Organizer of Academic Events:

2017, July. Invited speaker as part of the "Theorizing Heritage Through Resistance" intensive workshop organized by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017, May 19th. Co-organizer of the day-long symposium titled "Field as Archive / Archive as Field: Architectural Insights from Turkey," held at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

2017, March 10th. Invited speaker as part of the "History, Theory, and Criticism" seminar series at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.

2017, February 23rd. Invited speaker as part of the "History of Design" lecture series held at the Royal College of Art, London.

2016, November 30th. Invited speaker as part of the lecture series "Anthropology of Turkey and Beyond" organised by the Chair for Contemporary Turkish Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science.

2016, May 23rd & 28th. Co-organiser of the event series titled "Variations on the Publicness of Architecture with reference to the Pavilion of Turkey at the 2016 Venice Biennial' in Istanbul, Turkey.

2016, June 2nd. Invited speaker as part of the 'Times are a Changin': Temporality, Memory and Social Movements in the Digital Age' conference at the University of Westminster.

2016, April 26th. Invited speaker at the launch of the sixth issue of Études arméniennes contemporaines at Birkbeck College, University of London.

2016, March 3rd. Invited speaker as part of the Programme of Armenian Studies seminar series at SOAS.

2015, June 19th. Invited speaker as part of the 'Thinking Spatial Practices with & against Law' conference held at the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, University of London.

2015, May 22nd. Co-organiser of the symposium 'Protest, Refuge, Conflict Now: material-spatial and visual implications across the MENA region' held at the History of Art Department, UCL.

2015, March 30th. Invited speaker as part of the series 'Architecture Talks' at Kadir Has University, Istanbul.

2015, March 28th. Presentation as part of the invite-only conference 'Reverberations: Violence across Time and Space' to be held in Istanbul as part of the ERC-funded project 'Remnants' based at the University of Cambridge Anthropology department.

2014, November 19th. Respondent as part of the "Questioning the Temporalities of Metropolitan Memory" workshop held in the Center for Metropolitan Studies at Technische Universität Berlin.

2014, November 5th. Lecture as part of the Critical Heritage Studies seminar series, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

2014, August 25th. Invited editorial seminar participant on "Subversive Opportunism" organized by the Architecture Fund in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2014, August 14th. Invited critic in the radio programme "Açık Mimarlık" ("Open Architecture"), broadcast live in Turkish on Açık Radyo and produced by Volkan Taskin and Cenk Hasan Dereli (co-hosted by Yelta Köm).

2014, June 4-5th. Invited speaker at the conference "Floating Volumes #4 - Layering DiverCity: City and Identity within Artistic Research" held at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany.

2014, May 23rd. Invited speaker at the symposium 'Bridging the Gap between Museums and Archaeological Sites: Insights for Turkey' held at the University of Oxford Ertegun House.

2014, April 30th. Invited speaker at the symposium "Buildings on fire: Towards a new approach to urban memory" held as part of the "Cities Methodologies 2014" series of exhibitions and talks at Slade Research Center, University College London.

2013, June 6th: Invited presentation at Humboldt University Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences, as part of the "Museum, Memory and Identity" seminar series run by Dr. Irit Dekel, Dr. Bernhard Forchtner, and Prof. Dr. Gökçe Yurdakul.

2013, June 12th. Invited panelist in the discussion entitled "A Turkish Spring?" held at the Freie Universität Berlin.

2012, November 23rd: Invited presentation entitled "Architecture, Politics and Memory-Work: Ankara's Ulucanlar Prison Museum" as part of the international symposium "The Making of Modern Ankara: Space, Politics, and Representation" organized by the Department of Architecture at the University of Westminster in conjunction with SOAS Seminars on Turkey.

2011, December 15th. Invited critic in the Unit 2 Year 3 end of semester crit entitled 'Forgotten Places' at Department of Architecture and Built Environment at The University of Nottingham.

2011, November 7th. Invited critic in the radio programme 'Inside/Outside,' broadcast in English on Turkey's Açık Radyo and produced by Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere (previous participants of the programme include Joost Lagendijk and Hugh Pope).

2011, April 29th. Lecture entitled "I Thought I Could Organize Freedom, How Designer of Me," at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

2008, June 18th. Lecture entitled 'Utilizing Resources: Product Design in 1940s Britain' as part of the Green and Thrifty seminar organized by London Remade in London, the UK. In English.

Conference Paper Presentations:

2013, September 6th. Paper presentation entitled "Temporalities of Architecture: Experience and Representation in the Ulucanlar Prison Museum" at the 7th Cultural Studies Symposium on Memory and Culture, jointly organized by the Turkish Cultural Studies Association and Bilkent University, Department of Political Science and Department of Architecture.

2012, October 14th. Paper presentation entitled 'Turkey's 'Witness-sites' and Its Discourses of 'Coming to Terms with the Past': the Case of the Madimak Hotel' as part of the international "Contemporary Turkish Studies at a Glance" conference at Istanbul Bilgi University's Santral Campus, organized by The European Institute at Istanbul Bilgi University, Network Turkey, Istanbul Policy Center, the Netherlands-Turkey Higher Education and Vocational Education Foundation, the Institute of Turkish Studies of Georgetown University, the British Institute in Ankara and the French Institute of Anatolian Studies.

2012, May 25th. Paper presentation entitled 'Strategies and Tactics of Architectural Memorialization in 'Witness-Sites', as part of the international "Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop 2012: New Forms of Social Protest" conference in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by Sabancı University.

2012, May 14th. Paper presentation entitled 'Performed Narratives at Witness-sites,' as part of the international "Towards a Common Past? Conflicting Memories in Contemporary Europe" conference at Lund University, Sweden, organized by Nordic Network in Memory Studies.

2011, May 25-29. Paper presentation entitled "Everyday Functionality as Intentional Commemorative-Value." As part of the International Conference on Materiality, Memory and Cultural Heritage organized by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University and the Department of Anthropology, Istanbul Yeditepe University. In English.

2010, December 8th. Paper presentation entitled "The Problem of Object-Orientedness In the Context of Responsible Design, and Experience Design as an Alternative Approach." As part of the international "Greenage" symposium organized by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey. In Turkish.

2010, July 6th. Paper presentation entitled "Learning From Noor." Co-authored with Kerem Özcan. As part of the international conference "Space: The Real and The Abstract," organized by the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. In English.

Screenings (of the documentary entitled Accommodating Roughhouse):

2011, October 3rd-9th, V. International Architecture and Urban Films Festival in Istanbul.

2011, June 24th, International Urban Suburban Film Festival in Philadelphia.

2011, April 28th, Stockholm's Stadshuset (the City Hall), hosted by Miljöpartiet's ('the Green Party') Stockholm branch.

2010, June 14th, Tellus Bio movie theater in Stockholm, Sweden.


2010, June 23rd-September 5th. Photography exhibition entitled "Urban Knitting" at Form/Design Center Malmö, Sweden.

Language skills: Turkish (native), English (advanced), French (intermediate), Ottoman Turkish - Arabic script (reading knowledge).