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I am currently working on two research projects.

The first derives from my PhD research (2011-2015) and is currently the subject of a book project tentatively titled Commemoration as Violence: Confronting Turkey's Past Architecturally. This book discusses grassroots campaigns for transforming Turkey’s sites of political violence into memorial museums and the mainstream responses they triggered in the early 2010s. It focuses especially on the site of an arson attack, which took place in 1993 in the central-eastern city of Sivas and which pioneered these campaigns. Also related to this strand of my research is a forthcoming International Journal of Islamic Architecture special issue themed "Field as Archive / Archive as Field," of which I am the editor.

The second research project I'm currently working on explores the ways in which contemporary discourses and practices around environmental disaster in Turkey intersect with its histories of violence. One of the various components of this project has received funding from the BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants scheme, which has led to a symposium I organized in January 2019 at the LSE, titled "Testimony as Environment." Among the first outcomes to stem from the project is a forthcoming edited volume I'm co-editing together with Pınar Aykaç and Sevcan Ercan, which is titled Architectures of Emergency in Turkey: Heritage, Displacement, Catastrophe and is to be published by Bloomsbury in late 2020.